Welcome to the Vihara Guild!

Are you ready to shape your own destiny?

Step through the doors of the Vihara Guild where adventure, heroism and gold awaits you. The Vihara Guild is a unique simming role playing game like no other. Based largely off of Isekai Anime series such as Goblin Slayer, Konasuba and Log Horizon as well as other popular fantasy genres such as Dungeon & Dragons and Lord of the Rings.

We intend to bring you a mixture of all these worlds in one place to create some unique and special stories and moments.

Please read through the Vihara Player Guide before applying to join the guild. This will explain everthing you need to get started!

Vihara Guild is set in a fantasy world where monsters, guilds and magic exists. Much like most Isekai genres, the same style of play and rules apply here. Vihara Guild is a Adventurers guild which gives out quests for rewards, which includes in-game currency, experience and even special titles and equipment. Every post, every quest, every character helps build the world in which we are set in. You have freedom of your own imagination and you will be allowed to take those steps in a different world on a whole different way of writing.

We look forward to seeing you in the guild hall, where drinks are usually on the house!