The rules of the game are located below. Additional information can be found in the Player Guide.

Player Rules
- You must be 13 or older to join this game.
- Bullying & Harrassment will not be tolerated.
- You must respect other players on this game.
- The guild master has authority on all matters.

Character Creation Rules
- Characters must have a Main Class and a Sub Class which is compatible with each other. Please refer to the Player Guide for information.
- Characters must be realistic in their appearance, species and abilities.
- All Characters will start at Level 1 with 100 Base EXP, 500 Gold and Basic Equipment relevant to their Main Class.
- You must have a basic biography to join the Vihara Guild.
- Characters must not be 'super hero' like. Each character will have strengths and weaknesses. No one is invincible.
- Characters must be one of the Races available to play in the Vihara Guild. For any other species or requests please contact the Guild Master.

Posting Rules
- A Quest Post must be written in third person.
- A Joint Quest Post must be a minimum of 800 Words.
- A Single Quest Post must be a minimum of 650 Words.
- Posts must not contain over violent, sexual, or racist content. Any content that is deemed inappropriate will be removed.
- Diary Entries must be written in the first person.
- You must post a Quest Post once every two weeks minimum.
- A quest is only complete when the Minimum Post count is obtained and all obstacles have overcome. There is no maximum Post Count.
- Only post and write as your own characters.
- You can only take one quest at a time with your party or yourself.

For more information on how the game works, please refer to the player guide.